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Burglary of Las Vegas Restaurant Turned Into Viral Marketing Campaign by LDS Manager

Burglary of Las Vegas Restaurant Turned Into Viral Marketing Campaign by LDS Manager

taco burglar

The stresses of owning a business are extensive, and worrying about burglary and theft just add to the headache. One LDS business manager in Las Vegas however, has turned a very unfortunate situation into an opportunity to get the world talking about his company’s tasty tacos.


On Wednesday, December 16 a man jumped out of a vehicle holding a rock and attempted to break through the glass of one of the doors. After an unsuccessful attempt, the suspect entered the vehicle and drove to the other door and this time was successful in breaking through the glass with a rock. After entering the restaurant with an accomplice, the two suspects searched for “tacos” and eventually made off with two registers. The burglary occurred at 3:33 AM at 7000 W. Charleston Blvd. in Las Vegas, NV. Please call 702-385-5555 – LVMPD Crime Stoppers – with any information or tips related to this crime.  These are the details of the crime, but you’ll never guess how the manager made use of the camera footage to turn this tragedy into a marketing pitch for their delicious tacos. You have to check out the YouTube video below, and then maybe make a quick trip to Las Vegas for some tacos.


Greg Carlson left his career as a tax attorney in 2014 to help manage his father-in-law’s Mexican restaurant Frijoles & Frescas. On the company website it mentions that Greg is “best known for his comedic presence on YouTube as “Arturo Trejo.” With nearly 200,000 online subscribers, Arturo Trejo and his family are known, among other things, for their love of Mexican culture and Mexican food.”

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Ben Arkell

Saturday 2nd of January 2016

Haha, yeah 3:33AM is the time to get them - they're fresh!

David W. Carlson

Friday 1st of January 2016

Way To Go Greg . . . Keep those Tasty Tacos coming . . . They look real good. I guess I will have to pick one up at 3:33am. That seems to be the most popular time but you will have to let me know where the Secret Stash is. Obviously they are not in the cash registers. * * * GO CARLSONS * * *