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Wise Man Tells of Search for the Christ Child

Wise Man Tells of Search for the Christ Child

wise man


I’ve sought the Blessed Messiah

Since my early youth

The prophets of old had told me

He would lead to light and truth

I was taught by my dear mother

To search, ponder, and pray

So that I would surely be ready

To find the Lord Jesus one day

The scriptures said a sign would be given

A star in the heavens above

And this star would shine much brighter

For it was a symbol of God’s love

For thousands of years I’ve been honored

Labeled “wise” for traveling far and wide

But all I’ve done to earn such praise

Is take the Savior as my guide

During this sacred Christmas season

Do not fret about gifts and ribbons and feasts

Just seek the star, and find the light

That leads to the Prince of Peace

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