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Scripture Power – Teaching Your Children to Hold to the Rod

Scripture Power – Teaching Your Children to Hold to the Rod

Like most Sunday mornings, my wife and I were hustling to get the kids ready for church unsure of where the time had gone. For some reason, we have the hardest time reading scriptures together on Sunday mornings. Strange, right? This particular morning I knew we had to do it – I wanted to let the Lord know it was a priority.


We finished reading the Book of Mormon together a few months earlier, (it took us about 6 years) so for the last few months we’ve been reading randomly from General Conference talks and other scriptures. Sometimes it’s hard to pick a topic, but not this day. I pulled out our new book “Scripture Power! Book of Mormon Journal for Children” and found a page that had a study prompt on a few verses in Alma 10. We read together and then reviewed the questions in the journal which lead to a wonderful discussion with our children regarding the impact that righteous people have on a society. One of the things we felt we were missing when we would read the Book of Mormon together was just a plain old good discussion.

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Sometimes that’s all it takes – one good question. In this journal for children that’s exactly what you will find – prompts for your children so they can dig deeper and truly make scripture study a study that brings meaningful fruit. Elizabeth Dorathy wrote this journal and one for older youth entitled “My Witness of Jesus Christ: Book of Mormon Journal for Youth”.

When I see these journals in the hands of my children it makes me happy as I recall the words of Richard G. Scott:

“Write down in a secure place the important things you learn from the Spirit. You will find that as you write down precious impressions, often more will come.

Just yesterday morning my oldest saw me looking for one of these journals and she asked me if she could have it. In her words, “I’ve been looking for a scripture journal for a while now and I think this will help me.” What parent wouldn’t love to hear that from their child? Our kids really are willing and eager to learn, but giving them the right tools can be the difference between someone who uses the scriptures as an end table decoration and one who uses them to guide them in their life.


Consider how you and your family are studying the scriptures. I encourage you to see if these resources would be a benefit to those you love. For more information on these two Book of Mormon journals, please visit the Facebook page “Book of Mormon Journals”. You can also purchase them on Amazon directly. You can also find some additional reviews here:

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