Child Sees Angels Bear President Monson Up at General Conference

monson hospital
President Thomas S. Monson speaks during the priesthood session of the 185th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015, in Salt Lake City.

Towards the end of President Monson’s final address during the Sunday Morning Session of the October 2015 General Conference, he appeared to have difficulty standing, and at one point was leaning on the podium to brace himself.

We posted an amazing eye witness account of what President Uchtdorf was doing behind President Monson as he spoke, but an even more incredible story has surfaced that will give an answer to Moroni’s question “…have angels ceased to appear unto the children of men?”

Risa Bates, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints commented the following on her Facebook page:

“Do you believe children see things we can’t? I do! My sister had her children draw the Prophet during his talk today to help them listen better.

President Monson’s health started to greatly falter towards the end of his talk, and many of us were worried. Yet he incredibly finished what he started.

My niece Saylor (age 5) did as she was told and “drew what she saw”. When my sister questioned her about the two figures on either side of him, she replied she didn’t know, but there were 2 guys!”

angels by president monson

Saylor’s mother then explained a conversation she had with her daughter the following day. “The next morning I laid in bed with her and asked her to tell me more about the people she drew next to the Prophet. Her face lit up and with a huge smile she said, “they were covered with sprinkles!!” (Sparkles). Oh, how precious my girls are, and oh how precious our prophet is!!!”

How truly remarkable little children, who many times are allowed to see that which we cannot. Bates later said: ” I truly believe they are closer to “above” than we are. No wonder we are supposed to be ‘child-like’.”

I asked in a previous post, “Why did no one stand by President Monson’s side?” I now understand why the apostles let him finish his powerful message. Were they concerned he would suffer a painful fall? Perhaps. Were there heavenly angels bearing up the prophet? I believe so. Just to be safe, President Uchtdorf and other brethren of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles were ready to catch our dear prophet if he fell.

Another scripture of note was fulfilled – “and they both saw and heard these children; yea, even babes did open their mouths and utter marvelous things…” (3 Nephi 26:16) This sweet child, and others across the globe that had eyes to see, witnessed their prophet being sustained with heavenly hands.

Of all the scriptures that President Monson has taught us over the years, one particular verse has been emphasized with great regularity, that being Doctrine and Covenants 84:88: I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up. On that Conference day, this scripture, which he had rehearsed for years, was fulfilled.

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  • Absolutely. Without question. We immediately tend to think or say that stuff doesn’t actually happen, that is not real.

    So . . . What IS real?

    “Behold, my brethren, he that prophesieth, let him prophesy to the understanding of men; for the Spirit speaketh the truth and lieth not. Wherefore, it speaketh of things as they really are, and of things as they really will be; wherefore, these things are manifested unto us plainly, for the salvation of our souls. But behold, we are not witnesses alone in these things; for God also spake them unto prophets of old.”
    Jacob 4:13

  • I know for fact that angels are real and 100% believe that those children saw angels bearing him up. I know someone very closely who has seen many angels. They are real and they are helping us all the time from the other side.

  • As Nancy and I were viewing at home, she became concerned. She is a nurse that worked ten years in the E.R. before moving to the O.R. For some reason I had no feelings of concern. That is from knowing who is there around the Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve, in the flesh. Didn’t even think of Angels!
    I remembered Elder Worthlin and Elder Nelson holding him up by his pants or belt. I also remember the account in the Old Testament of Moses holding his arms up during a battle. As long as they were up the Israelites were winning, but when they started to fall they were losing. Two brethren came to his aid and held up Moses arms until Israel won the battle.
    All so when serving in the Gulf States Mission, 1966/1968, one of stake presidents in Mississippi, related an experience one of his children had, seeing angels.
    They do and are here among us. Have been and will be until, forever. These are true!!!!!!

  • It is evident that President Monson’s message was vital to us – so vital that even as his physical strength left him, Angels were there to bear him up. And what was that message? “As we follow the example of the Savior and live as He lived and as He taught, [His] light will burn within us and light the way for others.” Through His prophet, the Savior told us what we must do to keep His light burning within us. I pray that we will all read and reread, and then follow His teachings so we all can shine with His light.

  • We certainly do have that tendency to shrug these things off and count them as a daydream, but perhaps that is why as we get older we can’t see! 🙂

  • I had a near death experience and was ministered to by a being in beautiful sparkling clothing. I know these things happen.

  • I too have a firm testimony of how thin the veil is. More than once in my adult life have I felt the love “that surpasses understanding” and I know this was aided by the spirits of those I love who have passed. They are with us. My best friend lost her husband when our children were very small. It had been about 3 months since his passing. My daughter was just shy of 4. Dale who had passed was a quiet man who wasn’t one to speak a great deal in any setting. He was also our home teacher. He had such an innocent spirit about him. His testimony was simplistic abd my children, 3 little girls were under 4. He could cativate them with his ht messages abd it was awe inspiring because fhe was kind of like a circus for us. We were driving back from Boise one day and my daughter Janice was sitting in the back of our van. She was talking in hushed times and I could see such seriousness in her face. I asked her who she was taking to. She replied simply ” Uncle Dale.” I felt chills and goose bumps cover my body. I asked her what she was taking about. She said “Bethany, is sad. She can’t see him anymore and Uncle Dale wants me to tell her he is always there ad he loves her.” As a mom we see many “imaginary friend conversations. This was not one of those! The spirit bore witness as she talked. When I told my friend what had happened she cried abd said that Bethany had cried all morning because she couldn’t see Daddy anymore or hear his voice. I know this comforted her little mind and gave her comfort. The biggest comfort came when they came to visit her junior year in high school. They had moved so my time with them was limited. I could tell she was struggling. I have always felt sick a kinship with her, she has such a sweet spirit. I sat down with her and we talked about how she wad doing. She said that school was hard. She didn’t need to elaborate, I knew there was so much more to that statement. I felt impressed to tell her about what had happened when she was little because I wad sure she didn’t remember add she wad only 5 at the time. I told her the message that Janice got from her Dad. Huge tears souped down her cheeks add she said how much she was missing him right now. Her mom told me later she wad so grateful that I shared it add she had forgotten. The Spirit is real and I habe had born witness to me that God still works makes today. I habe witnessed those with my mortal eyes and I habe felt the angels bare me up when I had no more left to give. Those who day negative things about history. Or try to cause doubt are thinking only if their self abd their desires. The negativity does not lift or enlighten. Those who leave the more church just cant seem to lesvevit alone. There is a reason! The church is true and those who are negative want everyone to be miserable like themselves. We were counseled this converge that doubt abd faith cannot reside together. I choose to habe faith in all that I have felt and to all those who didcourage us from sharing openly our testimony please remember the counsel from D&C. I am uplifted and edified by those have borne theit testimonies on this article! Love to you all your sister in Idaho!

  • As I silently watched our beloved prophet Thomas S. Monson slowly lose his strength while delivering his beautiful and needed message, prayers were sent up urgently all over the world. I held my breath, almost willing him my strength if I could. Bless him for his stamina and long service to his God, church and fellow man. We love you President Monson.

  • I too believe angels were supporting and watching out for President Monson, the 5 year old who drew the picture of two men beside him, said they sparkled, oh to have the eyes of a small child again.

  • My wife and I were officiating in the Preston, England Temple and there were only two patrons on the session and I sensed there were more people in the room.
    After the session ended I asked my wife if she had noticed anything strange about the meeting – she said ‘Yes, the room was full’. The room takes over fifty patrons.

  • I know thomas s monson is a man of God he is call by God I see hem the first time in state center i speaking to the whole world and the conference I saw God speaking to us I feel the spirit that no man can speak to anybody to any person in this earth like he did with all the love it was the pure love of the Savior I saw how much he love us and I share my testimony in the name of Jesus Christ amen

  • I as an ordinance worker at the Washington Temple many years ago. Each shift was started in the chapel. There were several octogenarians but mostly they were the in their seventies. All told there were approximately 10 brothers and sisters in attendance. They sang an opening hymn “The Spirit of God.” At first I was startled be the volume and vibrancy of their singing but soon realized that the here were others unseen but heard in the room. It was beautiful – the angles seemed to be singing to unfold and honor the elderly brothers and sisters. What an experience.

  • Reading this makes me goose bumps throughout! I testify of this to be true. I know that angels do exists and they work hand in hand with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to protect , comfort and strengthen those that serve Them and Their children. I love President Monson so much and I really believe that simply praying for him, his counselors and other general authorities would help so much in their calling. Most especially in these trying times where people are so much drowned in their doubts. I love and sustain them! Thank you little children for the heavenly witness. Children are really greatly favored of the Lord. Let us be like “little children”.

  • Thank you for sharing this sacred account from a child’s eyes. Please thank the parents for being sensitive to what the children saw and for asking for more information about this sacred experience.

  • My mom was laying on the bed after my dad’s funeral and was needing comfort and assurance when she felt his embrace. Also, my daughter was doing baptisms for the dead in the Oklahoma City Temple and was in the waiting area. Afterwards it was reported that the Young Mens President was performing confirmations for those baptized when he, and the young lady standing in for the deceased saw a young black haired girl kneeling at the feet of the young lady. The name they were doing was for young Spanish girl.

  • According to the History of the Church (and the Bible Dictionary), “Angels do not have wings.” (HC 3:392).

    Why did the children see wings on the angels?

  • Our four year old son asked us a question at the end of Monson’s talk we are still ponderizing in our home. He asked us why the glowing men behind President Monson were fighting. There were not just two good angels, there were also four other spirits trying to attack President Monson, and the two angels were fighting them off to defend our prophet while he was speaking. Our son saw the whole battle scene and described it in detail to our family. We are grateful for these little minds that see purely enough to pierce the veil.

  • Reading the above comments helped me to recognized that I have been helped many times and didn’t realize it at the time. I’m near 88 years. Joined the Church in 1960. I did not see what the children have described but as I watched Pres Monson’s legs seemed to fail him, I hoped that he would be able to conclude his talk. I saw the brethren help him to his seat. The broadcast cameras did not show everything. When the conference session ended Pres Monson walked as usual.

  • @Daniel Carroll: You are one real stupid thing. Let me tell you a few things – 1) We are not brainwashed nor are we idiots. Educated people do not get brainwashed and statistically, the LDS are the most educated people on the planet. The reason is, is because the Church teaches to obtain as much education as possible. People like you with nothing more than a high school education who makes a living as a Subway GM are those who get brainwashed. 2) Joseph Smith experienced all the things you said, but it was because he told the truth. Use your brain before you speak. After all of the torture he went through, do you honestly think he would have given up the bs charade if it was really a bs charade? Also, no 3rd grader could possibly make up a 535-paged book in only 2 months, and have it be one of the most popular books today, complete with a geographical knowledge of the Middle East to such detail. 3) Brigham Young never murdered immigrants and anyone for that matter. The whole Mormon war was in self-defense against US government forces who came to finish off the genocide that was started back east by the mobs. The LDS were actually kind to the Indians and immigrants. Get your facts straight before speaking. Also, stop being such a filthy pervert, as I can tell you are by reading your Facebook profile.
    @that one who replied to a comment near the bottom saying that crap about how religion reduces Christ to nothing: If you actually read the Epistles of Paul (namely, 1 and 2 Corinthians) you would know that although Christ was and is perfect, his disciples could be and still can be quite the bumbling idiots, and that Christ’s one true religion and Church DOES exist. Paul the Prophet was always trying to correct the disciples’ bad behaviors and false beliefs. Also, a restoration was obviously needed due to to an apostasy (2 Thessalonians 2, Revelation 7, Ephesians 2:20). Ephesians 2:20 says that Christ’s Church and religion was lead by apostles and prophets on the earth with Christ as the chief cornerstone. Finally, I didn’t see any LDS comments on here worshiping men, so you are way off on that one.
    @all: I am LDS and believe in administering angels. However we learn in D&C 129 that administering angels are just like us, but are resurrected humans. Also, angels can only come to the planet they are originally from (D&C 130). Most importantly, the other kinds of angels are cherubim and seraphim, which are discussed in D&C 132:16-17. They never abode God’s law (i.e. never got to go to Earth to be tested to see if they would obey), therefore they cannot be exalted but are to reside in Heaven as servants to administer to those in Heaven and not anywhere else. They also have bodies of flesh and bone. The child drew a cherub (right) and a seraph (left). The story is BS if the kid saw a cherub and a seraph administering to President Monson. However, maybe he saw a vision of Heaven around President Monson, where there are indeed cherubim and seraphim. Nevertheless, that does not take away from the fact that there were definitely angels there watching over the Prophet.

  • i think the drawing of angels would be the sleeves of their robes as their arms were being held up in a support position . Referring to “wings” . Makes sense to me. Full sleeves do hang like that.

  • I to noticed our Prophet falter and felt for his wellbeing. I know that angels are ever present. I have experienced this for my self. Love the drawing that the little girl drew. What insight. How blessed she must feel. And her mother…we are that we may have joy.

  • Wow….it sounds preposterous, but i can’t get it out of my head. The night before my husband was baptized, he could hardly sleep, & then i heard him screaming from another room. When i went in the room, he was clawing at the air & gasping & screaming a low dull scream. It scared me beyond all. I rubbed his hands & head & said a prayer ~ after a while he started to come up for air & woke back up. I asked him what was going on, & he croaked out “demons, demons were flying at me from everywhere, trying to choke the life out of me.” The next day, he was baptized a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. He was the member in his entire family line. Because of his conversion, we have been able to do well over 1000 family names, going clear back to the 1500’s. Not only that, but because we were sealed in the temple a year later, all 5 of our children were born under the everlasting covenant. (Our oldest child was sealed to us.) Now my oldest daughter has been married in the temple as well, & has a son who is also born under the covenant. I have my two youngest who will be leaving on missions at almost the same time. Also, my husband has been a scoutmaster on & off for well over 15 yrs, touching the lives of boys, helping them on the path to manhood. Many of these boys have come back over the years to thank him for what he meant to them. My husband has also served on the High Council in the stake, & touched many lives throuh that calling as well. What is the worth of a soul? I know Satan was doing his darndest to keep my husband from joining the church, but he FAILED.

  • Remember when one temple was dedicated and several children saw angels at the temple? Remember the promise of the savior which is, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God? Even heavenly things? I believe that children can see heavenly beings.

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  • Oh 100% true for sure. I once took a dump so large it nearly tore my anus. After birthing the football, I looked at the piece of TP I Had just used, and I could clearly see the face of a nephite in the reminants of feces on the paper. I truly believe he helped push me through that difficult time….

  • Chris….. come on buddy.
    Angels are among us! I have felt them and members of my family that have passed many times. The prophet will always be sustained! Always and so will we as we do the work of the Lord

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Towards the end of President Monson’s final address during the Sunday Morning Session of the October 2015 General Conference, he appeared to have difficulty standing,...
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