Why No One Stood By President Monson’s Side

thomas s monson

By now, many of you have read the article by Greg Trimble entitled, “PRESIDENT MONSON…I WISH I COULD HAVE COME AND HELD YOU UP“. I, like Greg, had the same reaction as I watched President Thomas S. Monson lose his strength and almost fall over right before our eyes during the Sunday morning session of the October 2015 General Conference.

Towards the end of his address, President Monson’s speech slowed and he began repeating words. He appeared to have difficulty standing, and he was leaning on the podium to brace himself. My feelings went from slight concern to fear very quickly. My greatest worry was that he would fall, and my greatest question was, “Why is no one standing by him?”

thomas s monson

You might recall other moments when general authorities have needed support while giving a talk in General Conference. Perhaps the most recent and poignant example was Russell M. Nelson who came to the aid of Joseph B. Wirthlin as he gave his talk on “The Great Commandment.” I was certain this would be a similar occurrence, but none of the apostles ever came to support the prophet.

WHY not? I couldn’t understand.

I read one sweet sister describe her similar reaction to seeing President Monson in that state. She said, “I was on the edge of my seat ready to reach through the T.V. with a prayer on my lips that our beloved prophet, President Monson would be OK.”


Luckily, President Monson was able to finish his talk and we all watched with relief as President Uchtdorf and others grabbed hold of President Monson and helped him to his seat. That was the end of the story as I knew it.

Until now.

As it turns out, with the lights dimmed around the podium, very few could see what President Uchtdorf was doing as the prophet concluded his remarks. Michelle Cope, however, was there and gave the following beautiful account:

Most of you probably did not see what was happening behind President Monson at the end of his talk. I was on the floor, just a few rows from the very front of the Conference Center with a clear view of the sceneYou might have noticed that President Monson really struggled to finish the last couple minutes of his talk and especially the last 30 seconds. I was afraid for him. I thought he might faint, pass out, or something worse.

And then, my heart melted when I saw behind President Monson was President Uchtdorf – on the edge of his seat, almost half-way standing up, with his arms stretched out, ready to catch the Prophet at any moment if he fell. You could see the worried expression on President Uchtdorf’s face as well as focused determination. He was on high alert and ready to catch him. As soon as President Monson said “Amen”, President Uchtdorf was immediately at his side and carried him back to his seat, safe and sound.”

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As President Monson so often teaches us, when we are on the Lord’s errand, He promises, “I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up.” Next time you are going through difficulties, and your afflictions leave you a little wobbly and short of breath, don’t worry if you aren’t able to see anyone by your side, because God has your back – and President Monson, we have yours!The tenderness that is shown between the prophets and apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ is so pure and powerful. What a beautiful demonstration of love from President Uchtdorf, as he in very word and deed reached out to lift and sustain his friend and prophet Thomas S. Monson. What a beautiful parallel to the love and concern that God Our Heavenly Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ have for each one of us.

Did you know a 5 year-old primary girl saw two angels supporting President Monson? Read about it here > CHILD SEES ANGELS BEAR PRESIDENT MONSON UP AT GENERAL CONFERENCE

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  • I have been trying to find a place to read and share my thoughts of gospel topics without others putting people down. We are to center our lives as Christ some on here was not showing that side. I feel so sad.

  • I was seated on the other side from Sister Cope in the third row. President Nelson was also on the edge of his chair waiting to aid the prophet. If was watching attentively and with what appeared to me a great deal of concern in his expression. There is no doubt these men deeply love each other.

  • We love our Prophet and im so glad that President Uchtdorf was on hand to help our beloved prophet. I saw our beloved Prophet lean on the podium. I too wanted to reach out and help. I will always make sure i pray more for our Presidence. We love you all xx

  • The general conference will be telecast in our local area this coming Sunday, reading from the previous comments, I can’t wait to see the Prophet and the The apostles and to hear their messages. I’m so excited.

  • My kids still remember when President Howard W Hunter fell over while giving his talk! I think it’s fairly safe to say that these brethren are examples of never taking an excuse to cut the time short 🙂 feeling so blessed in spite of such a difficult week: vicious rampage at a peaceful college & horrific flooding in my beautiful state of SC. But the voice of the Lord reaches through all the fear & loss; I will not fear.

  • Yeah, that was a scary one with President Hunter. Conference couldn’t have come at a better time, as you mentioned. So much commotion around us.

  • am so glad that even with everyone being alert but the Lord knew that His servant the prophet would talk and finish that conference talk and he endowed him with the strength from on high and I haven’t watched the conference sofar but I can’t wait # we are praying you president monson

  • As I watched President Monsoon struggle; it was his breathing which caught my attention first. I thought “Oh my word our Prophet is going to go in to Respiratory arrest in front of me eyes”.
    I know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and thevbrethern behind him were attending him every second. My thoughts a prayers are with him and his family.

  • Amen to all earlier tweets. I would just like to add, President Monson, none of us need to have you stand at the pulpit to speak. No one will think less of you if you don’t try that again. You are, and always have been an example of brave courage. Please care for yourself and be safe. You are loved by everyone that knows you and you have always been and still are a great prophet to all of us.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the prophet had instructed them that no matter what they were to let him finish his talk. I remember Elder Simpson being very concerned for Pres Kimball whilst the prophet had made a special journey to Australia, all that way to visit and talk to and fellowship the Australian saints.

    During the journey he became very ill. When Elder Simpson visited his hotel room the prophet was very ill with fever. The doctor had wrapped him in blankets and duvets he was sweating profusely and was very distressed. Elder Simpson pleaded with the doctor to take off all the blankets and lay him on the balcony lounger in the cool air. The doctor replied, “Elder Simpson, the prophet of God has commanded me to make him well so he can speak to the saints tonight as he may never get to speak to them again because of his old age. This is the only way I know how and I dare not I will not disappoint him and fail in my duty to the Lord’s prophet, please do not ask me too”. Later that afternoon the fever broke and sweet president Kimball spoke to the saints in what was one of his most powerful and uplifting talks.

    When Elder Simpson shared his experience, he broke and down in tears such was his love for the prophet. These wonderful, humble leaders truly wear out the lives in service. President Kimball was never again able visited the saints in Austrailia. But those who heard him talk would never forget how treasured he made them feel and the power of the Lord in all his words.

  • I too am so great full for the love shown for all members of our Church and the way we care for one another in the spirit of Christ. The examples shown here and all around the wards and stakes thru this world give me comfort in hard times. Hugs

  • maybe some of the apostles felt prompted to go help but felt restrained by the spirit to let him finish.. they may have heard the spirit whisper he will be alright.

  • Thank you for reminding us of the beauties of the gosple and that God is always cincerned with his childrens well being! What a fine example of love one another.

  • Your appreciated remarks have sparked so many comments from concerned members! I too, was on the edge of my seat…..As was my prayer for President Monson….perhaps we are all apart of the miracle we saw..hearts knit together in love to sustain, support and protect him.

  • Jesus Christ said;”I will never leave you,I will be with you even till the end”.So,why will He leave His beloved servant to fall while giving his message.He will surely send His Angels to uphold him.

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By now, many of you have read the article by Greg Trimble entitled, “PRESIDENT MONSON…I WISH I COULD HAVE COME AND HELD YOU UP“....
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