Health Update: Elder Perry’s Cancer Has Spread to His Lungs, Receiving Hospice Care

L. Tom Perry
L. Tom Perry
via LDS Church News

In a statement released by Church spokesman Eric Hawkins, Senior Manager of Media Relations for the Church’s Public Affairs Department gave the following health update for Elder L. Tom Perry:


“Elder Perry has asked that we share his thanks for the prayers and kindness extended to him by Church members and friends. Despite earlier treatments, cancer has spread aggressively to his lungs and beyond. Elder Perry is at home. He will no longer attend meetings, though he is still receiving visits from members of the Quorum of the Twelve, the First Presidency, and close family. He will begin receiving hospice care in the coming days.”

The LDS Church announced in April that L. Tom Perry had been hospitalized for test and observation following breathing difficulties. Our prayers go out to the family as Elder Perry spends his last days at home. We hope the family finds comfort and strength and are able to reflect on the wonderful life of this amazing apostle of the Lord.


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  • My eternal gratitude to Elder Perry for his service and his fine example. I wish him and his family peace and love in the coming days. My husband is on the other side, please let him know how much I love him and miss him.

  • Elder Perry,My husband and I have listened to you throughout the years and what you to know how much we honor and love you.
    We pray that your passing will be glorious…..and that you will suffer no more.

  • I know that he will be welcomed with open arms by many in heaven. My grandpa just passed a month ago, and it was hard for us to let him go; He was happy to be reunited with so many family members. My other grandpa passed 5 years ago and he wasn’t a member, but my oldest nephew was just baptized for him in the temple. What a beautiful opportunity. I pray that he can have the time to learn from Elder L. Tom Perry when they meet.
    The bishop at my grandpas funeral last month said it best, when describing the loss of our loved ones. Its just as if they have walked through a door and now are in another room that we here on earth haven’t been called to go through. Our loved ones aren’t far away, we will see them again. And the joyous welcomes they receive after walking through that door must be breathtakingly beautiful.

  • I remember as a young man waiting for him to arrive at our North Las Vegas Stake Conference years ago. I was on the stand and when he walked in-he had to bend a bit to clear the doorway. He remarks were just as tall. Last November, he presided at our Las Vegas NV Sunrise Stake Conference. I was an usher on the door he walked in and out of. Each time he greeted me and asked how I was and how it was going. Grateful for his service and wisdom to us here in Las Vegas as well as the rest of the world.

  • He has touched lots of people – it’s so fun to hear the personal stories that members around the world have. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.

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In a statement released by Church spokesman Eric Hawkins, Senior Manager of Media Relations for the Church’s Public Affairs Department gave the following health...
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