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Ogden Temple Appears on Front Cover of Fashion Magazine

Ogden Temple Appears on Front Cover of Fashion Magazine

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When Celestial Shine Magazine released their June 2015 cover on social media this week, some onlookers may have been surprised at what they saw. Not only does the cover don Maddy Fritz, a gorgeous 17-year-old singer from Las Vegas, but she’s wearing all modest clothing, and the Ogden Temple is just as dominant in the photo as she is. (Photo taken by Wren Gracyn Parker.)

Celestial Shine Magazine has been producing a printed magazine dedicated to modest fashion, self-esteem-building beauty, and real life issues that teens face since January 2015. They have produced 3 issues since then with the June issue being their fourth.


“I really want the magazine to be an uplifting place where Young Women can go to find the fashion and beauty tips that they seek while also being encouraged to stick to their standards,” Emily Punjack, the editor-in-chief and creator of Celestial Shine Magazine commented. “The Ogden Temple standing alongside a modest young woman is just another affirmation that we as women and children of God are beautiful inside and out…just like the temple…and we should treat each other and ourselves accordingly.”

Celestial Shine Magazine stands unique as a fashion magazine not only because all the fashion is modest, but because real-life girls model the clothing, providing an area where all shapes and sizes can feel loved and beautiful.

You can order a copy of the June issue or order a subscription to the magazine at