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Alma was a Vegetarian & 4 Other Things All Mormons Should Know

Alma was a Vegetarian & 4 Other Things All Mormons Should Know

Did you know that Alma the Younger was a vegetarian? Don’t worry, not many people do. Take a look at the list of 5 things that all members of the church should know, but don’t.  See how many you know!

1. Alma was a Vegetarian

If you read closely in Alma chapter 8, you’ll see it right before your eyes that Alma wasn’t a meat eater. Who knew, right?

“And it came to pass that the man received him into his house; and the man was called Amulek; and he brought forth bread and meat and set before Alma. And it came to pass that Alma ate bread and was filled; and he blessed Amulek and his house, and he gave thanks unto God.” Alma 8:21-22

Amulek brought him bread and meat, and all he ate was bread. Alma was a vegetarian. (OK, so this one is not so imperative to know and is more of an attempt at humor.) 🙂


2. Alma never compared faith to a seed

Alma never compared faith to a seed. What??

We often hear people talk about faith and many love to compare it to a seed that can grow into a large plant and provide us much fruit if we cultivate it and nourish it as instructed in Alma 32. Where are we off?

Alma never compares our faith to a seed in Alma 32. Christ did compare our faith to a mustard seed, but Alma compared “the word unto a seed” in Alma 32:28. His point was if we experiment upon God’s word by exhibiting faith and see that it blesses our lives, our faith will growth.

Next time you hear someone get this mixed up feel free to enlighten them!


3. You shouldn’t have a patri-article blessing

Have you ever received a blessing from a patriarch? I imagine many of you have – but make sure you don’t call it a patri-article blessing because there is no such thing. A patriarch gives you a patriarchal (that’s patri-archal) blessing.

If you’ve been saying it wrong your whole life, don’t worry! We are all learning in this life and now that you know this you are one step closer to knowing it all.

4. President Benson didn’t give his most famous talk

When it comes to monumental addresses given by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days Saints, there is one that always makes the list – “Beware of Pride” by President Ezra Taft Benson. If you haven’t read or listened to it, you should. It has application to all of us.

So, what’s so interesting about this? Well, President Benson DIDN’T even give this talk. Say what???? It’s true. While President Benson did write this talk, which was given in the April 1989 General Conference, he asked that President Gordon B. Hinckley, 1st Counselor in the First Presidency, read his address over the pulpit.

We recommend you take a few minutes to watch the “Beware of Pride” talk HERE.

ezra taft benson

5. We use “Thy” too much

Have you ever ended a prayer by saying “in the name of Thy Son, Jesus Christ, amen?” If you have, that’s GREAT! That’s a very proper way to address Heavenly Father. Here is the million dollar question though: have you ever ended a talk or a testimony that way? If so, that’s not the correct way to do so.


In the first case, you’re praying and talking to Heavenly Father, so using “thy” is appropriate. If you’re giving a talk or bearing your testimony, you’re talking to the congregation – so the use of “thy” is incorrect.

Here again, if this is something you’ve been doing, don’t worry at all. Now you know the next time you’re asked to give a prayer in church!

These were just 5 small pieces of information we wanted to pass along today. What other things would you add to this list? Are there any other vegetarians out there that we missed?


Sunday 6th of February 2022

22 And it came to pass that Alma ate bread and was filled; Opinion of Alma being a vegetarian lacks substance. It said he ate the bread and was filled (full stomach).

Taking into consideration that he was satisfied with what he ate is it necessary to eat beyond what his body already was satisfied with? Should he be gluttonous and finish it off when hes already full? Writer is injecting opinion as fact.

Alma was a Vegetarian & 4 Other Things All Mormons Should Know - LDS SMILE

Wednesday 7th of January 2015

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Julie Miller

Tuesday 6th of January 2015

In Sacrament Meeting talks, I often hear members pronounced the Ensign incorrectly. They pronounce it like a rank in the US Navy.

Ben Arkell

Tuesday 6th of January 2015

Ah yes! That's true. Great one. That made me think of Melchizedek pronunciation - most pronounce it as MelchEzidek.


Tuesday 6th of January 2015

Just because it says he ate bread and not meat does not make him a vegetarian. I sometimes only have salad even when meat is available. The talk may not have been spoken by President Benson but it is still his talk. The rest is just not picking. Nothing anyone NEEDS to know.

Ben Arkell

Tuesday 6th of January 2015

Fair enough. But, do you really turn down meat if it's there? haha, j/k. Also, NEEDS is a lot shorter than "might be interesting in knowing". Can't have a title that's TOO long. :)

Ed & Sherie Seegmiller

Tuesday 6th of January 2015

Thank you so much for posting Pres. Benson's talk on Pride. This particular message has always been one of my favorites and I need to hear if often.

Ben Arkell

Tuesday 6th of January 2015

It's a classic for good reason. I enjoyed listening to it yesterday as well!