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The Trials of Jesus Christ Made Him Who He Is

The Trials of Jesus Christ Made Him Who He Is

Have you ever known someone who stopped coming to church because of a trial they were passing through? How about someone who stop talking to a friend or family member because they took offense to a misconstrued comment?

It seems that often we are great at living the gospel and following the example of Christ until a trial comes, or someone offends us, or things just don’t go our way.

We forget that principles like repentance, forgiveness, love, compassion, faith, endurance, and patience are to help us when these hard times come. When we need these principles most in our lives, we abandon them.

I think of the principles of the gospel as tools that can be placed in our toolbelt. I hope that when each of us encounters a difficult situation, that we will be humble and wise enough to pull the tool that we need from our toolbelt and use it to make the best of any situation and get us through any trial.

It made me think of Jesus Christ and how He endured. As we go through trials and apply the principles of the gospel, we too can progress just as Christ did. This poem was inspired by the aforementioned situation.

trials of jesus christ

“Jesus The Christ”

What made Jesus our “Shepherd”?
Was it leading the ninety and nine?
Or leaving these alone for the one to search and find.

And how was Jesus “Exemplar”?
By His smile when smiled at?
Or by patiently submitting when evil men upon Him spat.

What made Jesus “Savior”?
Was it happiness without loss?
Or was it being nailed upon the cold and wooden cross.

And how was Jesus “Anointed”?
By trumpet and song all day?
Or by three humble wise men as He sleep on manger hay.

How became Jesus “Messiah”?
Was it kindness he was shown?
Or was it bearing pain and grief from sins not of His own.

I call Jesus “Redeemer”
Why call him such a thing?
Because He earned the title by descending below all things.

The good of life, the ease and joy
Did not Him the label bring
Of Jesus the “Anointed One”, “Messiah”, “Savior”,”King”

But suffering the pain of men
Bearing persecution all His life
Spilling blood and sweat and many tears
This made Him “Jesus The Christ”.

May we use the tools of the gospel as Christ did to become more like him and navigate every difficult, and beautiful, situation.



Valerie Tilson

Sunday 4th of January 2015

As a recent convert, I have fallen down, but I have always kept the faith. yes the mortal part loves to beat me up, and the Holy Ghost is there comforting me and hold my hand as I continue on the path to Him.

Ben Arkell

Sunday 4th of January 2015

Valerie, welcome to the church! The most important thing to do is keep getting up. You are wonderful!

jacques leclerc

Saturday 3rd of January 2015

I love the book of Mormon I am going to join the church shortly I love the church , I have studied and googled all the ex-Mormons I have listen to all the leadership in SALT LAKE the beautiful Mormon choir , I have listen to speakers at the conferences , attended a ward church made friends . I am a senior , I am from amish mennonite background I cant wait for my baptisim thank you for all your positive postings about the beautiful church may GOD bless you in your journey

Ben Arkell

Saturday 3rd of January 2015

Thank you Jacques - we wish you the best of luck with your journey as well. We are excited for your baptism too!

Ed & Sherie Seegmiller

Saturday 3rd of January 2015

I believe each of us have had our own Gethsemane in our lives. It is true we feel broken and torn and even guilty some times and this only adds to our lack of desire to attend our Church Meetings, especially Sacrament meetings. It may take all of the courage we have to fight those feelings and be brave enough to keep coming. You see, though we do not want to, this is the time we need it most. This is the time we need the Sacrament and its blessings. This is the time when we can prove to ourselves and the Lord that we love Him and trust him. This is the time we need to hold ourselves together and exercise our faith in Christ and that He is in charge and that whatever we need the most to happen in our lives will. It is after all in our Saviors Hands.

Ben Arkell

Saturday 3rd of January 2015

Very well said President Seegmiller! Thank you for adding your thoughts. They are wonderful.