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AMAZING Tribute to Gordon B. Hinckley

AMAZING Tribute to Gordon B. Hinckley

The death of the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley was a significant event in the life of many who are reading this. It was one of those events that will always be remembered. I was lucky enough to go to the Conference Center and see a prophet of God resting peacefully in the Hall of the Prophets. As I watched the funeral a few days later, for the first time I was struck with a wave of emotion that overcame me. The poem below was written with tear filled eyes and an aching heart. Let us know if you remember seeing this empty chair as well.

empty chair.1

The Empty Chair

My neighbors came and broke the news

Our prophet dear had died

I felt a peace and calm within

No tears flowed from my eyes


I stood in line and braved the cold

To see the prophet sleep

“Surely this was a prophet of God”

But I had no desire to weep


The tributes and the memories

The testimonies borne

Of this great prophet did not bring

A cause for me to mourn


And on the funeral morning

My sorrow with none did I share

Not until between two counselors

I saw — that empty chair


For it was then I realized

My leader had been lost

And never would I again see

Him rise from that chair to talk


I’ll miss you President Hinckley

We’ve lost one of our own

To many saints around the world

You’re the only prophet they’ve known


But all is well, we shall go on

With your memory and a prayer

For God will give us the best He’s got

And place him in that chair


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Tuesday 16th of December 2014

I will always love you President Hinckley.....

Ben Arkell

Tuesday 16th of December 2014

He was an amazing man, wasn't he! Thanks for reading.

Rambo Ruiz

Monday 15th of December 2014

I love the man who used to sit in that empty chair.

Ben Arkell

Monday 15th of December 2014

We do too, thanks for loving the prophet Rambo!