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Live Nativity World Record Video

Live Nativity World Record Video

BIG NEWS! You can hear the song created at the Live Nativity World Record tomorrow and see the video this Friday!


The song is one of the largest collaborations of YouTube celebrities ever! It includes The Piano Guys, David Archuleta, Peter Hollens, Gardiner Sisters, ShayCarl, CuteGirlsHairstyles, Stuart Edge, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and others!


FM100.3 and Mormon Channel are exclusively debuting the song tomorrow. Their Facebook pages will allow you to download the FREE .mp3 of the song starting at 9:30 a.m. The video will be released Friday morning on The Piano Guys YouTube Page.




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Ed & Sherie Seegmiller

Thursday 1st of January 2015

Thank you for your comments to just" Read the Book of Mormon". However if you do not want to know the truth and you choose not to pray and ask before and after you read it, you will not get the answers you seek. I love the Book of Mormon. It is my beacon and my map for life. It is so sad that so many do not benefit by ready History so they make the same mistakes over and over again when they could be much further along in their life's purpose. I cannot even imagine what my life would be like without this amazing Spiritual History of the ancient people who lived in this blessed country before I did. We can learn so much from their successes and failures.. .