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BLAME GOD For the Good

BLAME GOD For the Good

I had occasion to hear of a family who went through a bitterly painful tragedy recently. A family member, who had been passing through some difficulties in consequence of some poor decisions, decided to end his life. Tragic. Heart wrenching. Painful.

One of the family members was so drowned in her grief that she saw no reason to continue living either, and wished for the same fate. She blamed God for letting her family member die, and she declared that her faith in Him was all but gone.

Why do we do this? We all do it. Life is happily moving along and then we get stopped in our tracks. Tragedy or disappointment strikes and then we blame God for allowing it to happen. Even when things happen due to our own poor choices, we want to blame someone. Talk about getting a bad rap. God gets a very bad rap. How tired He must be of being blamed for all the bad in our life. But I think I have a solution – a solution to this bad rap that God continues to get. The solution you ask?


BLAME GOD, but not just for the bad. BLAME GOD for all the GOOD in life.

BLAME GOD for the raise you received, even though you think it was due to your superior intelligence and work ethic.

BLAME GOD for all the times you avoided accidents while driving, even though you want to attribute it to your attentiveness in drivers education.

BLAME GOD for your beautiful family that is healthy and gives you a reason to smile.

BLAME GOD when things fall into place miraculously, even when the world says you should give all the credit to coincidence.

BLAME GOD for the friend who reached out and said just the right thing, at just the right time.

BLAME GOD for ice cream, and pillows, and watermelon, and rainbows, and strawberries, and central air conditioning, and chocolate!!!!

Now, I understand the word blame means to assign fault for a wrong, but let’s just pretend it can be used in this context as a way to assign responsibility for something good in your life.

Will you join me in this alternative blame game? Go ahead, you know you want to. Spend the next few days blaming God, but blame him for everything GOOD! Start now by leaving a comment – and publicly place some blame.




Sandy Lawrence

Wednesday 13th of August 2014

I blame God for all the beauty in my life.

Ben Arkell

Monday 15th of December 2014

Thank you for doing so Sandy!