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According to the Words of the Prophets

According to the Words of the Prophets

There’s a small, but present, dividing line in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and always has been. The issue has been referenced time and time again in holy writ, and it is this: there are those who believe and try their best to follow the words of the prophets, and there are those who reject their counsel.

In our day this understanding is close to heart as many in our congregations have differences of opinion regarding the words and counsel that come from our holy prophets. The heated political issues of the days are heavily contested and have brought to light this divide among those who profess unity of faith.

As we prepare for another General Conference, let us remember the words contained in The Book of Mormon. There is great wisdom found in the 3 Nephi 1:20, which say: “And it had come to pass, yea, all things, every whit, according to the words of the prophets.”

It is regrettable that so many in our day forget this important principle that is taught time and time again in The Book of Mormon. The events in the Nephites’ day were all fulfilled as had been prophesied, according to the words of the prophets.


Having grown up in Massachusetts, General Conference was not on the radar of most folks. It came and went with nary a mention in the media. However, now that I live in Utah, I am amazed at the amount of hatred and negativity that is cast upon the church due to this wonderful ocassion. I ache each time I hear the event, and the prophets, mocked so readily.


One day, as I mourned many of the negative reactions I read after another uplifting General Conference, the following thoughts and words flowed into my mind and I wrote them down as quickly as I could. Regardless of what the world believes, or perhaps even members of my own congregation, I will always regard the words of the prophets as a treasured gift from God. I wrote the following:


I chose for them a watchman
A seer upon the tower
Then man became infected
And pride did make him sour

I built a brilliant lighthouse
A beacon in the dark
But this has been rejected
Just as Noah and his Ark

I sent the world a Savior
My hope, My Son, The Way
But man became offended
And took His life away

I called the holy prophets
To make my will be known
And man thinks this an insult
Then casts rebellious stones

Have all been so corrupted?
Do all reject my plan?
When I offer it extended
Will any take my hand?


I will thank thee Father
For that prophet and that seer
Whose words with the angelic tone
Do make the path as clear

I will praise thy name, Oh God
And with humble heart obey
All that Thy chosen vessels
To Thy children do convey

Do not think it blind obedience
Do not give it ignorance’s name
For in me the fire of the covenant
Burns with unquenchable flame

I will kneel before Thy altar
I will ever Thy name confess
I will drink of living waters
I will call Thy servants blessed

Although there are some who find it hard to trust in the words of the prophets, we hope that all who listen to General Conference will to find the peace and answers they are searching for.


Madeline Theobald

Saturday 5th of April 2014

Love the poem you wrote. I love the Prophets and all they have written and spoken for us to follow. It is truth and can only lead us to peace and happiness. There is no other way. This conference is beautiful and the messages are always so uplifting. Love it!

Ben Arkell

Saturday 5th of April 2014

Madeline, thanks for leaving a comment. I don't know how people can NOT find Conference anything but uplifting.

Pam DeLand

Friday 4th of April 2014

Beautifully put. I love conference weekend. Follow the prophet he knows the way.

Ben Arkell

Tuesday 24th of June 2014

I agree Pam! :)