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The Boy Joseph’s First Step

The Boy Joseph’s First Step

If you have an imagination, now is the time to pull it out because this post is important. It reflects my appreciation, and the appreciation we all should have, for Joseph Smith and his efforts to bring forth The Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Come with me back to upstate New York in the year 1820. We’re in the town of Palmyra and it’s a beautiful morning in spring. We’re walking through the field towards the Sacred Grove, and in the distance we hear the cocks crowing and animals stirring in the barn.


As we walk, we are on either side of the fourteen year old Joseph Smith, who is taking measured steps as he approaches the point where the tall grass stops and the large forest begins. His heart is pounding. His mind is racing. He is determined to pray vocally for the first time. He has come to the grove to find God.


Now, STOP.


Can you feel a little of what the boy Joseph felt? How significant for mankind was this first step into the grove! It altered the events of the history of mankind!


As I reflect on what happened on that day, I can see Joseph Smith waiting just outside the grove debating whether or not to enter. I see him take a deep breath, slowly lift his foot, and take the most significant footstep since Jesus was on the earth. The following poem was written with this scene in my mind.


An innocent youth, an unlearned boy
Seeking wisdom from on high
A course of life forever changed
With one step in the grove


A boy’s first prayer was uttered there
The seeds of faith were sown
God descended his mighty throne
With one step in the grove


A calling issued, a mantle given
The gospel to restore
A loving Father revealed his hand
With one step in the grove


A dispensation now rolled forth
Glorious truths to be revealed
Cumorah’s Hill would soon be known
With one step in the grove


With wondering awe and gratitude
All thanks and praises be
To the man who communed with Jehovah
With one step in the grove


His name be had for good and ill
Prophet Joseph the world would know
He sealed his fate to a martyr’s end
With one step in the grove


Now consider this: What small, significant step will you take today that will change the world for the better?

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I.B. Young

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

This first step was not hesitant, He'd been there before it's true, Tho he knew not the final outcome, He sought TRUTH from his Father's Throne!

Ben Arkell

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

Thanks for commenting. You should like a good poetry writer!