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Miracles Are Occurring With The Book of Mormon 2-Minute Challenge

Miracles Are Occurring With The Book of Mormon 2-Minute Challenge

Since the launch of the “I Love The Book of Mormon” channel five months ago, many exciting things have happened as we’ve tried to get the word out on this awesome project. In the words of Elder David A. Bednar, there have been many “subtle but significant” events that have occurred to help push this movement forward. Other events have been nothing short of miraculous. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Sarah Petersen from the Deseret News sent a random email to me requesting the opportunity to talk about the interesting project and learn of its genesis. Her article appeared online at and had over five thousands shares. See the amazing article here: >>> AMAZING ARTICLE
  • Thanks to the amazing article, we receive emails weekly from people all over the world who have decided to record their own video sharing their favorite Book of Mormon scripture of a special experience they have had with this wonderful book. Just this week, a wonderful lady named Kim said that her and 12 other members of her family sat down on Thanksgiving and recorded their videos. See what Kim had to say here: >>> KIM ROCKS
  • More Good Foundation, a non-profit geared at spreading the gospel online, set up an activity in conjunction with a BYU Club called “Project Flash Light” Cameras were available on campus in the Joseph Smith Building and 29 videos were collected in just over an hour!
  • Other YSA wards are using The Book of Mormon Two-Minute Challenge for Family Home Evening activities. In fact, last month a ward in Orem produced 15 videos that will be released in the coming months.

There have been many mighty miracles all along the way since the inception of this challenge. The success of this project has come from each and every person who has taken the time to share a piece of their heart with us. For those who are reading this and considering participation, we are grateful for your interest in the project and hope you will find it a worthy investment of your time!

“Few men on earth,” said Elder Bruce R. McConkie, “either in or out of the Church, have caught the vision of what the Book of Mormon is all about. Few are they among men who know the part it has played and will yet play in preparing the way for the coming of Him of whom it is a new witness. … The Book of Mormon shall so affect men that the whole earth and all its peoples will have been influenced and governed by it. … There is no greater issue ever to confront mankind in modern times than this: Is the Book of Mormon the mind and will and voice of God to all men?” (Millennial Messiah pp. 159, 170, 179.)