October Ensign Issue Dedicated to Book of Mormon

“The October 2011 issue of the Liahona and Ensign is a special issue that will focus on what the Book of Mormon is, why it exists, and how it affects lives.”
“Its pages will include a history of the Book of Mormon, members’ personal experiences with it, suggestions for scripture study, and information on how it applies today. The testimonies of and insights into the Book of Mormon from living prophets and apostles, as well as from Joseph Smith and every Church President since, are incorporated throughout the issue.”
I know that as men and women everywhere devote themselves to a dedicated study of the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon, these words will become a buffer for them against the temptations of the devil, and a source of peace through trials. I hope that my testimony of the words of God will be strengthened as I read this month’s issue.

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